6 Different Methods Of Hair Removal—Which One Is Right For You?

Posted by Se Rasant on

The subject of hair removal can divide rooms these days. Debates around whether or not we should be doing it, how we should be doing it and how often we should be doing it makes for some interesting discussion. And let’s be real, hormonal conditions like PCOS are ten a penny right now. So whether you’re suffering from excess hair growth or are simply wanting to keep on top of your basic bikini, you’ll likely have been around the hair removal block. (Or if you don’t want to remove any body hair, that’s great too. You do you!)

Each method has its merits and its drawbacks; some are permanent, some are semi-permanent, some are budget-friendly and some cost a bloody fortune. Some are painless, some are moderately painful and some hurt like hell.

Here’s your comprehensive guide to hair removal options to help you figure out which is best for you:


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