About Us




John Krech, CEO & Inventor

John received his master of business administration from the University of St. Thomas and his double major bachelors in chemical engineering and material science engineering from the University of Minnesota.  He has an entrepreneurial mind and is always looking for ways to improve a process/product.

He created Se Rasant out of frustration with shaving gels and foams that left the skin dry, irritated and because so many contain TOXINS!

As someone who shaves daily, John assumed the discomfort in shaving was part of the routine.  After using Se Rasant, he was amazed to find his face no longer felt wind burned.  As we continued to improve the experience of shaving, he realized the entire process could be reinvented or updated.

We performed simple tests to validate the effectiveness of our new product such as applying aftershave or cologne directly to our face after shaving -- the result? Unbelievable!  We did not experience the same burn that would have happened if we had shaved with gels/foams.  Think about this for a minute - most aftershaves or colognes contain alcohol - by applying it immediately after shaving, it hurts the skin, but because Se Rasant also moisturizes, the skin is protected.

Facts - shaving removes a layer of skin; the skin is the largest organ and 75% of men shave every day.  Se Rasant was created to give you a better shaving experience with organic ingredients that leave your skin smooth, moisturized and rejuvenated.