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  • I love the way my skin felt after shaving with Se Rasant.
  • The smell is amazing.
  • I'm not afraid to shave my legs any longer - my skin is so smooth and not irritated at all.
  • Provides a smooth shave, including over a surgery scar on my neck, and against the grain. Also smells great and is all natural. It didn't irritate my skin like other products do.
  • Claims to be all natural, would want to know for sure. 
    Se Rasant:  Currently, our ingredients are organic.  We are working towards obtaining the USDA's 100% Organic certification.
  • Provided a very close, comfortable shave.
  • Liked how moisturizing the product is.
  • That is all natural and prevents razor burn.
  • My razor clogged up with hair. 
    Se Rasant:  We strongly recommend using a quality razor and rinsing often while shaving and ensuring is well rinsed at the end of your shaving routine.